*We use the Handwriting Without Tears evaluation tool (The Print Tool), and curriculum.

We offer both print and cursive instruction. 


Handwriting Evaluation 

A handwriting evaluation is needed to begin handwriting remediation and instruction. 

An evaluation of your students handwriting skills includes looking at letter identification, how they hold their

pencil and general handwriting skills. We using the The Print Tool, to observe letter formation difficulties and

overall legibility problems. From the evaluation we are able to see what skills may be a bit more challenging for a student, or might just need a little refining.

Handwriting Instruction/Remediation

30 minute session

Each 30 minute session will use fine motor activities, hand skill development and systematic letter formation instruction using multimedia (play dough, crafts, chalk). We practice the session’s skill multiple ways, then finish with the Handwriting Without Tears ®, workbook to  apply our new skills.


For our older students working on writing skills, our sessions focus on handwriting mechanics and applying common writing conventions (punctuation, indenting, capital usage) using age appropriate games and activities to practice in a fun way.

On average students need 6-8 sessions to show improvement. 


Evaluation: $150

Individual Sessions: $50

Package Pricing


Package A: Evaluation and 3 sessions: $275.00    (Savings of $25.00)

Package B: Evaluation and 5 sessions: $350.00   (Savings of 50.00)


Session Packages:

4 sessions: $ 180.00 (Savings of $20.00)

8 sessions: $350.00 (Savings of $50.00)

12 sessions: $525.00 (savings of $75.00)

***Packages are not refundable,  50 % required at first session 

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